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Meole Brace School

Meole Brace School


Q.           If I am Late?

A.            Sign in at Reception with a reason.


Q.           If I need to go out of school during the day?          

A.            Have a written note in your planner or a letter from a parent/carer.  Get your note/letter signed by your Form Tutor or Year Team Leader and show your note/letter to Reception.  Sign out in the book provided.


Q.           If I do not feel well?

A.            See your teacher and ask for permission to go to the Sick Office near to the Library.   If you are unable to remain at school due to illness, you may be given permission to go home.  Reception will phone home for you to be collected.


Q.           If I forget my packed lunch or dinner money?

A.            Speak to a member of the kitchen staff and they will make arrangements for you to have lunch.


Q.           If I have a medical or dental appointment?

A.            Bring a note from your parents and show it to your Form Tutor or teacher.  When you need to leave show the note to the teacher you are with and request permission to leave.  Go to Reception to sign out in the book provided.  Reception will also need to see your note.


Q.           If I have lost something?

A.            Tell the teacher in whose teaching area you lost the item and then ask at Reception as the lost property store is kept there. 


Q.           If I do not understand the classwork?

A.            Tell the Subject Teacher.


Q.           If I do not understand the homework?

A.            Always have a go. If you have tried but still cannot do it, you can explain this to your teacher or ask your parent/carer to write a note to the teacher in your planner.


Q.           If I have been off school and behind on my work?

A.            Ask a friend in your class if you could copy any work missed or see subject teachers; they may have worksheets to help.


Q.           If I have forgotten my homework or PE kit?

A.            Tell your teacher as soon as possible, apologise and explain you will make sure it does not happen again. You may get a ‘De-ARC if you do it again.


Q.           If I get lost or do not know where to go?

A.            Look at your timetable and use the map in your planner to help you find the department or room you need.  You can also ask another student or teacher.


Q.           If I missed the School Bus?

A.            In the morning ask your parents to contact school.  After school, go to Reception.


Q.           What if I am injured or too unwell for PE?

A.            A note to the PE Teacher is essential, otherwise you will be expected to take part.  You will still need to bring your PE kit  and get changed with the rest of the students, unless you have brought a note.  We do not, however, allow such notes to be used to excuse students for long periods of time.  A note/certificate from the doctor is required for such circumstances.


Q             What should I do if the Fire Bell rings?

A             In the event of an emergency the Fire Bell will ring continuously. Each tutor group or class will be evacuated through the nearest exit and will assemble on the school’s top yard.  You will have a particular spot where your group will always be expected to stand.  You will be shown this location by your Form Tutor. The main aim is to clear the building as quickly as possible without rush or panic.  A register will be taken by your Form Tutor.  This emergency evacuation procedure is practised regularly.


Q.           What should I do with my valuables?

A.            You should not bring valuable items into school.  But if it is essential they should be placed in an envelope clearly marked with your name and tutor group and left at Reception for safe keeping until the end of the day.


Q.           If I have personal problems or worries that I want to talk about?

A.            Talk to your Form Tutor, Year Team Leader or any adult in the school. 


Q.           If I am being bullied or know someone who is?

A.            Bullying is not a serious problem in School but, as in all schools, it does happen from time to time.  If you feel threatened emotionally, verbally or physically then tell your Form Tutor or Year Team Leader.  There is also a ‘Talk Box’ in the Library and in Reception in which you can post any worries you have if you prefer.  In addition, the school has a team of Year 10 and Year 11 anti-bully counsellors who can also help you.  Bullies and bullying behaviour is not acceptable in any form.

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