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Meole Brace School

Meole Brace School


Please contact Mrs Pope for further information about the key stage 3 curriculum, and Mr Pierce regarding the key stage 4 curriculum.

The school operates the timetable over two weeks.  Each lesson is one hour long.

Key Stage 3

Years 7, 8 and 9 follow a similar curriculum.  In year 8 German is introduced to able linguists.  Pupils studying two languages in years 8 and 9 have 6 periods per week whilst other pupils have an extra period of English. 

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Art and Design 2 2 2
Design and Technology 4 4 4
Drama 2 2 2
English 6 7(6) 7(6)
French (and German for some from Year 8) 5 5(6) 5(6)
Geography 3 3 3
History 3 3 3
ICT (Information, Communication Technology) 2 2 2
Mathematics 7 7 7
Music 2 2 2
Physical Education 5 4 4
Religious Education 2 2 2
Science 6 6 6
Tutor Time 1 1 1

Key Stage 4

Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum, with the core subjects ensuring breadth, whilst the addition of the option choices in key stage 4 allow students to pursue and develop their own particular interests and strengths.

The Core Curriculum

The school operates the timetable over two weeks.  Each lesson is one hour long.

Subject Lessons Accreditation
English 8 2 GCSEs
Maths 8 1 GCSE
Science 9 2 GCSEs
Core PE 4  
PDC 1  

Option Subjects in Years 10 and 11

Students select 4 option choices at the end of Year 9, to be studied during key stage 4. Please remember that we cannot guarantee every student all her or his preferred choices but will provide a balanced range of subjects. 

(5 periods each per subject per fortnight)

Options currently on offer are: Business Studies, Computer Science, Dance, Design and Technology, Food Preparation & Nutrition, Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Textiles, Hospitality and Catering, Drama, Geography, History, French, Spanish, German, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education, Triple Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The Options Booklet for 2020-22 is available here.

Teaching and Learning

The range and quality of learning activities reflect the curricular aims. 


  • involve experiences which promote active and purposeful learning;

  • enable understanding and skills to be applied to issues, problems, and practical skills;

  • raise students' expectations, encourage participation and increase self-confidence and independence;

  • allow individual students to progress at a pace which provides both challenge and support;

  • give opportunities for students to work together;

  • be well-managed and supported by appropriate resources.

Teaching activities are varied.  They include whole class teaching with an emphasis on interaction with pupils by questions and answers.  On other occasions pupils might be divided into groups working on an activity with several other pupils or in pairs.  In many subjects practical activities take place under the supervision of the teacher.  Testing takes place in a regular informal way as well as sometimes more formally in preparation ultimately for external examinations.

Meole Brace School, Longden Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 9DW

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