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Meole Brace School

Meole Brace School

Mnyanjani School, Tanzania​​​​​​​

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Following a visit in October 2019, Meole Brace School has successfully established a partnership with Mnyanjani Secondary School in Tanzania. This summer 20 Meole Brace School students will be visiting the Mnyanjani School and getting a flavour of what life is like in an African school. In order to complete the experience we will be hosting 5 Tanzanian students and 2 teachers from Mnyanjani School for 2 weeks in September/October 2020. It will be the next stage in the relationship between our two schools and represents a great opportunity to offer a truly inspirational, cultural experience in return for the generosity and hospitality offered to our students.


Mnyanjani Secondary School

Mnyanjani School is a state-funded, mixed, comprehensive school in the coastal region of Tanga. It has 1050 students. The area is a poor region of a very poor country and although education is provided free by the state, many cannot access it as they cannot afford the uniform, books or pens needed. Many students come from families who struggle to find enough money for anything more than 1 meal of maize or rice per day, so a large number of students arrive for school without breakfast and without any lunch. On our visit we also saw students without shoes and with patched clothes or clothes that no longer fitted them.


Facilities at the school are very basic. The typical classroom has a dirt floor, no windows and class sizes up to 90. Because the school’s success it now has more students than chairs or desks – so students have to sit 2 to a chair or on the floor. We even saw students accessing lessons by leaning in through the windows – possible as there is no glass in any of them! Despite all this, the school performs well and there was an overwhelming air of enthusiasm and cheerfulness when we visited. Their attitude to learning is excellent and they value education above everything.


As part of our collaboration we aim to look at how both countries approach gender equality and how teaching and learning methods can help to improve this. We aim to teach and take part in lessons in Tanga and then work together here in the UK to develop methods that could transfer into practice in Tanzania. We aim to bring the Headteacher, a maths teacher and 5 students to spend time with us experiencing our culture and school environment.


The students have been specially selected by the school as those who represent the future generation of Tanzania’s leaders and who will benefit most from the experience. These students all come from very poor backgrounds and could never have imagined leaving Tanga let alone visiting the UK. As part of our fundraising we will have to pay for passports and visas for these students as well as transport within Tanzania and their return flights. We also aim to raise funds to equip the school with more chairs, concrete floors, books and laboratory equipment. With this in mind we are aiming to raise a minimum of £10,000. 

Please use the following link to make a donation: CLICK HERE!


Ways to help

  • Financial assistance: We would welcome any donations from local businesses. In return for a donation of £50 we will put your company name/logo onto a hoodie to give to the Tanzanians for their stay in the UK. We will of course be seeking to publicise our fundraising in the local media and so supporting us will give you access to this.
  • Fund Raising Events: Throughout the coming year we will be hosting a number of fund raising activities including a Winter Fayre, wine tasting, Caleigh, Bingo/Quiz events, sponsored walks, car washing and many others. Please attend these and support us in our efforts.
  • Practical support: Help us by giving us resources for our events or by giving us your time. Finally help to spread the word about our events.


If you can offer financial assistance, please fill in the form below and send your donation to Meole Brace School. For any other types of donation or offer of assistance, or if you have any further questions and wish to discuss any matters concerning the trip, please do not hesitate to contact us, either on the school telephone number or by email to or

We thank you in anticipation of your help.

Dr H Starnes & Mr S Iddon

Meole Brace School

Images of the trip... CLICK HERE

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