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Meole Brace School

Meole Brace School

Kyeshero School

For over 5 years, Meole Brace has been supporting Kyeshero Secondary & Vocational School in South-west Uganda through the Shrewsbury-based charity Omushana, Sunshine for Children.

The school was established in 2011  to provide the first opportunity for children in this area to continue their education beyond Primary. Uniquely, it teaches vocational skills (eg carpentry and sewing) alongside academic subjects. 

Every year, Mr Cox and technician Mr Humphries in Meole Brace’s Design & Technology Department do a wonderful thing with the help of Year 8 pupils!  Together they have designed the most brilliant collection boxes which the pupils build, decorate and then take home to collect small change for up to 4 weeks.

All cash raised is donated to Omushana which works with schools and children’s groups around the mountain gorilla reserve of Bwindi Forest in Uganda.  EVERY penny collected goes directly to Uganda. 

Last year’s total was a whopping £744 which was enough to build latrines for the 150 Kyeshero School pupils.  Each year we also use some of the funds to supply vocational training equipment such as laptops, sewing machines and carpentry tools as well as subsidizing school fees for one class.

This year’s boxes have just been returned so we are now busy counting the cash which will be taken to Uganda by the end of July.  We are hoping it will be enough to build a water tank at Kyeshero during August.

Omushana Trustee Gill Castle will be back in September to share all the news and photos!

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