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Meole Brace School

Meole Brace School

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Understanding important academic words and how they are used is so important in helping you access your lessons and make excellent progress.

Bedrock Vocabulary is an online programme that helps you learn new vocabulary.

It will help you learn the tricky sort of language you might come across in text books, lessons or exams in every subject that you experience. By working through the digital lessons, you can learn them all and hundreds more!

Year 7 Bedrock

Each week, students need to complete a minimum of 2 online Bedrock lessons within a given topic. These lessons will take around 20 minutes each and you can pause them and complete them at a time to suit you. After the first lesson of the week, you will need to wait 24 hours before you will be given access to the second lesson. This is to check your memory and ensure that you are learning!

Your English teacher will set this for you as homework and will monitor your activity and progress. Tasks will be set on a weekly and there will be prizes and rewards for students who make the most progress.

Where and when can it be completed?

You can use a PC, Tablet or mobile phone so you can do your homework anywhere really! Students can also access the Library every morning and afternoon break and after school.

Meole Brace School, Longden Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 9DW

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