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We expect our students to look smart at all times and to be readily identifiable as belonging to Meole Brace School. To this end and with the benefit of consultation with the students themselves, we have chosen an attractive and practical uniform.

Our parents tell us that they appreciate the simplicity, smartness and easy maintenance of this uniform as it avoids any question of what to wear in our very fashion conscious society and is very reasonably priced. Furthermore it contributes considerably towards the setting of high standards, both in and out of the classroom and creates a strong sense of pride and community in our school.

In terms of what is generally acceptable, we find that for the most part a simple test of common sense is usually a good guide. For example, it is evident that we would not encourage extreme hairstyles or outfits more appropriate for weekend wear! We are aware that fashion styles and trends change frequently and therefore if you are in any doubt, please contact me at school at any time for further advice or clarification.

Items of uniform available for Meole Brace School, including the white polo shirt with MBS logo and navy blue sweatshirt, also with the MBS logo, may be purchased from our supplier, either on-line or in person.  Please consult the shop website for further details and price lists.

Alternatively, you may prefer to purchase just the sew on logo at £3 (available from school) and add this to a plain polo shirt or sweatshirt from an alternative supplier of your choice.

In your own interests it is important that each item of schoolwear is clearly marked with the child's name. This will enable us to reunite clothing and owner much more quickly in the event of loss.

NB Please remember that choosing Meole Brace School implies a willingness to conform to our school uniform guidelines at all times. This policy is also fully endorsed and approved by the school's board of governors. A more detailed description of MBS school uniform is attached below for your information.

Simon Iddon, Assistant Headteacher


With effect from September 2012, Meole Brace School ScienceCollege uniform guidelines are as follow:

Shoes: Sensible black or brown shoes, suitable for everyday school wear. Training shoes, boots of any kind, sandals, high heels or footwear of any other colour is not permitted.
Trousers: Black school type trousers only. Hipsters, flared trousers, denim material or trousers of any other colour are not permitted. Belts should be dark in colour and of the type that loop through the trousers. They should not be excessively wide or bulky, studded or brightly decorated.
Polo shirts: White school polo shirts only, with blue or burgundy school logo. If a T-shirt is worn under the polo shirt, it must also be white and devoid of any visible logo, design or brand name.
Sweatshirts: Please note that the wearing of the school sweatshirt is compulsory in the classroom. Sweatshirts will be navy blue in colour for all students with a blue or burgundy school logo to denote lower or upper school groups.

In warm weather conditions staff will usually permit students to remove sweatshirts if they so wish.

Coats: Sensible outdoor garments, appropriate for everyday school use must be worn; these should be of plain style with no excessive pattern or stripes. An important definition of an acceptable coat is an item having either a zip fastener or a set of buttons all the way down the front. Tops which are pulled on and off over the head do not meet this criterion and are not permitted. The only exception to this rule is a waterproof cagoule type coat worn in wet or inclement weather. Leather and denim garments, together with tracksuit or jogging tops are likewise not acceptable as appropriate school outerwear.
Headgear: The wearing of baseball caps or headgear of any sort is not permitted in the school buildings at any time.
Jewellery: Students may wear one stud or hoop type earring per ear and a watch. No other forms of visible jewellery are permitted. All forms of facial piercing are strictly forbidden.
Mobile Phones Mobile phones are not banned. We cannot, however, be held responisble for loss or damage if phones are brought into school. We strongly recommend that you get any items of value properly insured. Mobile phones must be switched off during lessons. If you are caught texting in class or using the phone it will be confiscated.
Girls Skirts: If a girl wears a skirt as part of school uniform it must be one of two designs which can be found on the website in the MBS section.
Leggings: Following a number of requests from parents and students, we have produced the following information which we hope will be of assistance. Please Click Here!
Hair: Extreme styles of hair are unacceptable. Hair colours must be natural, e.g. no blues, greens, pinks, oranges, purples or scarlets. Students may be isolated or sent home if the style of hair or colour is seen as inappropriate. If you are unsure as to what is acceptable, please contact the school in advance of getting a haircut or colour. If it is shoulder length or longer, girls will be asked to tie it back in Science, DT and PE for health and safety reasons.

PE Kit - Key Stage 3

Both girls and boys wearing the same items of:

  • Royal Blue Socks
  • Royal and White Shorts
  • Royal Polo Shirt
  • Rugby Shirt Royal and White
  • Optional tracksuit bottoms.

PE Kit - Key Stage 4

Both girls and boys wearing the same items of:

  • Royal Socks
  • Royal and White Shorts
  • Tracksuit Bottoms
  • Royal Polo Shirt
  • Royal Hoodie

All items can be purchased from or any other high street supplier, providing it fits with the school sports kit.

NOTE: Parents and students should be aware that the school views the wearing of correct uniform as a key element of the schools identity and standards as a community. Any student failing or refusing to follow these guidelines will be sent home until they are able to do so.

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